As a copywriter and editor, I’ve worked for a variety of agencies, websites, businesses and brands, covering topics from travel, luxury, health and food to banking, trading, third-sector enterprises, property and transport.

I’ve carved a niche using my journalism experience to work as a PR copywriter, editor and consultant, often plugging a gap in between hires at agencies or helping out with big projects.

I also ghostwrite thought-leadership articles and blogs for clients who then place them in the national or industry press, including the Guardian, Huffington Post and Pioneers Post. Business leaders often find that they either don’t have the time or the skills to write articles themselves, but want a presence as an industry authority in the media. I can bridge that gap by writing journalistically led opinion pieces that fit the style of the publication in question.

Clients include:

PR copywriting: I have produced copy including press releases, sample articles, biographies, trend reports, boilerplates and awards entries for PR agencies and in-house teams including Glenmorangie and Ardbeg (LVMH), W Communications, M&C Saatchi PR, Eightyfour, LX PR, the Lifestyle Agency (retained on a consultancy basis), Augur and Bite Global. I have also teamed up with Ula McCarthy PR on a bar/restaurant relaunch.
When things get busy, PR agencies find it really useful to be able outsource writing work to someone fast and reliable – or even just sending written work to me to edit or polish.

Digital copywriting: Writing social media, newsletters and online articles for Glenmorangie (LVMH/Heaven)

Advertising features and other copywriting: BA High Life, Cedar Communications;, Conde Nast Digital; social-media platform Lightful

Website content: Manhattan Loft Gardens; Luxury websites Niquesa World and Niquesa Store; luxury travel PR agency Perowne International; Powderkeg bar and restaurant; sustainable sportswear brand Adrenna; PR firm The Lifestyle Agency; ATL Haulage Contractors; Swiss benchmark provider Limeyard

Brochures and other literature: Glenmorangie’s Spirited magazine; property developers The Linton Group (Maple Building penthouses); ATL Haulage (client brochure); co-working offices The Office Group (membership pack and website)

Social media: EDH Physio, ATL Haulage

Sample portfolio: